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With the 3AppointmentTherapy we treat daily and exclusively patients with dental phobia or extreme nausea and extreme dental problems.
Treatment under general anaesthesia   without fear to a new smile   especially for phobia patients
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3 Appointment Therapy and the model Leu

Interview with Klaus Rachfahl

Interview with patient Karsten Bünning

Interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Schmidseder

Die Dr. Leu Methode in drei Terminen und das Modell Leu

Interview mit Klaus Rachfahl

Interview mit Patient Karsten Bünning

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Schmidseder

Interview mit Dr. Dr. Gassner


It was a beautiful day today! I mean it just like that!!! No swelling, no pain, and no painkillers. Thank you so much! Just your time and sensitivity at T1, all the education and care beforehand and the humanity you have shown has given me complete confidence and I am already looking forward to T3.
Mr. K.M. from Brandenburg
Even I, as a confirmed sceptic, have now been convinced that it's not all scams, overcharging and rip-offs. What you get with Dr. Leu and his team is really absolutely perfect.
Mr E. F. from Bavaria
From the first email to the last appointment, everything was well thought out and perfectly organised. I felt in good hands and for me there is no question, if I had to make this decision again, I would do it just like that.
Ms S. K. from Berlin